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"Fortunately, I have had wonderful support form Lone Star Script Care. I have reached a major Milestone. In the last seven days, I have received all of my prescriptions courtesy of the combined efforts of Lone Star. They have really helped, and I wish I had found them sooner."
Jack S, WI

"I got a prescription for a new medication and it was over $300 at my local pharmacy. I told my daughter I couldn't afford it, and she found Lone Star Scripts. They answered all my questions and were very knowledgeable and professional throughout."
Rosemarie D, FL

You are probably not aware that pharmaceutical companies provide more than $1.5 BILLION in medications through prescription assistance programs to people meeting their guidelines each year and these programs provide medications free of charge to those that qualify.

Despite this, many people fail to apply and do not realize that they could be getting their medications at a fraction of their current cost! There are many reasons why people fail to apply, including the complicated application and approval process.

Through our dedication and expertise we are able to assist individuals in qualifying for acceptance into a prescription assistance program.

We function as a Patient Advocate that provides two services:

1) We work with pharmaceutical company guidelines to establish the eligibility of individual applicants,

2) We continue an ongoing application process that assures continuing medication to enrolled applicants.

Lone Star Script Care RX Assistance

Are you one of many that are finding their monthly prescription costs spiraling out of control? 

To find out if ANY of your prescription medications are available for assistance, please complete THIS SHORT FORM

Once you have determined that you would like to obtain assistance with your medication(s) simply click on the  "Enroll Now" button to begin your enrollment.

We will charge a one time application fee of $25.00 to begin the process and you will not be billed again until we have been successful in assisting you in obtaining your medications.


Lone Star Script Care Select Rx Plan

The Lone Star Select Rx Plan is modeled after many of the popular insurance plans that people pay hundreds of dollars per month to access. 

Your drug benefit is designed to be cost-effective yet provide a wide selection of medications at an affordable price. Membership in this program covers your enire family. 

Access to prescription savings is provided through the use of a Prescription Drug Card, for use at a retail pharmacy and a Mail Order Program where you can access savings of up to 80% from the Average Retail Cost. 

This program saves you money and takes the guess work out of paying for prescription medications. 


Lone Star Script Care - Free RX Card

With the Lone Star Script Care Free Rx Card, you have access to significantly discounted prices on everyday drugs.

It's free, easy to use and recognized by a network of over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. The Lone Star Script Care Free Rx Card is a FREE and EASY way to SAVE MONEY on prescriptions.

Simply present the card to your pharmacist to take advantage of significant discounts on all prescriptions. Better yet, one card works for the entire family.

While it is not insurance, our program provides up to 75% off the retail price on everyday drugs and is accepted at all major chains, nationwide.

To have a card sent to you for FREE, simply click on the "ENROLL NOW!" link, enter some basic information and we will send one to you!


Lone Star Benefits - Select & Select Plus+

Our Select and Select Plus+ programs help individuals and families with or without traditional health insurance coverage save money. We do this by providing members access to a national network with hundreds of thousands of providers saving you 10% to 85% on both non-medical and medical related services.

  • Our Select Plan costs just $8.95 a month for an entire household, and includes Dental & Vision Benefits.
  • Our Select Plus+ Plan costs just $14.95 a month for an entire household, and includes  Dental, Vision and Tele-Medicine.  

Both of our discount benefit programs were developed for the sole purpose of helping families and individuals trapped in the healthcare dilemma. 

We provide only first-class products and services including Dental, Vision & Tele-Medicine, along with a vareity of additional value added services. For a more detailed explanation of the products and services provided, please review our Product Brochure

To locate an Aetna Dental Access Provider, click HERE


Lone Star Script Care


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