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If you receive no medication and are determined to be ineligible for Patient Assistance Program(s) by all applicable manufacturers, we will gladly refund your monthly fee! 


Our modest fees are based upon the number of medications that we are helping you get. These fees are NOT per medication, for example, if we are helping you get 4 medications, you will pay us a total of $40 every month FOR ALL 4.


1-3 Medications = $30 Monthly

4-5 Medications = $40 Monthly

6-7 Medications = $50 Monthly

8 + Medications = $60 Monthly

Free Rx Card

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You are probably not aware that pharmaceutical companies provide more than $1.5 BILLION in medications through prescription assistance programs to people meeting their guidelines each year and these programs provide medications free of charge to those that qualify.

Despite this, many people fail to apply and do not realize that they could be getting their medications at a fraction of their current cost! There are many reasons why people fail to apply, including the complicated application and approval process.

Through our dedication and expertise we are able to assist individuals in qualifying for acceptance into a prescription assistance program.

We function as a Patient Advocate that provides two services:

1) We work with pharmaceutical company guidelines to establish the eligibility of individual applicants,

2) We continue an ongoing application process that assures continuing medication to enrolled applicants.

Prescription Assistance Program Application Fee

Once you have determined that you would like to obtain assistance with your medication(s) simply click on the  "Apply" button to begin your enrollment.

We will charge a one time application fee of $25.00 to begin the process and you will not be billed again until we have been successful in assisting you in obtaining your medications.


If successful we will charge a modest monthly fee of $30.00.  These fees are NOT per medication, for example, if we are helping you get 4 medications, you will pay us a total of $30.00 every month FOR ALL 4.

Once you have submitted the application to us a Patient Advocate will contact you to discuss the next steps and determine what other information we need to apply on your behalf to the various drug manufacturers. 

From start to finish, the whole process can take up to six weeks, so its important you do not delay in enrolling with us!

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